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Quite simply: art is great, and I want to be a part of this greatness.

I was born and raised in Hungary. I have studied drawing and art all of my life. 

I graduated (MA) at the 'MOME' Budapest in 2007.
I am living in Paris.

I’ve always had a kind of sensibility to the lines,
which are tangling on the paper.
I found very powerful the black line on white paper.

I don’t work without lines. Whether it's ink, chalk, paint, or anything else I work with lines. 


Mostly I'm not really interested in the background, just the lines of the main figure and the immediate objects or forms.

My works are usually monochrome, but I’ve been trying force myself using more color than before, because I think we need some color in our life.
But still usually, I'll stick to black and grey and white…

Each image is a symbolic version of my current emotional state, like a developing biography.

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