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Nothing is more powerful than a black line on a white paper.

Krisztina Vona was born and raised in Hungary.

She graduated architecture (MA) in 2007 at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. After graduation she moved to Paris, France. 

A few years later she turned to art by changing structural lines for art lines.


She has always had a sensitivity to the lines.
For her it’s always lines, whether it's ink, chalk,
paint, or anything else she work with lines, with that strong and natural sensitivity that characterises her. The line and nothing else.


Most of the time she’s not really interested in the background. No need for a superfluous décor. The
line is endless. You are facing just the lines of the main figure and the immediate objects or forms. 


The works are usually monochrome. She’s also experiments with colour, especially in oil pastel works, but usually she stick to black and grey and white.


The line live by itself and communicates either
by her and by you, the watcher. The expressive way of representation is achieved through fine lines which are comes out of the hand and heart, and directly goes to one’s soul.


Each of her work is the symbolic version of her current emotional state, the be here now, like
an ever-evolving journey.

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